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Hirazi Webtech

How it all started?

Hirazi shares an emotional bond with Fusion as even before it came on board as our client, our Founder & CEO Jitendra Harpalani was a part of Fusion team in New York, before he moved on to venture into entrepreneurial space with Hirazi Webtech. Jitendra, along with Alley Interactive successfully launched Fusion on October 28, 2013, using Disney’s proprietary CMS. To cater to the dynamism of a startup, need for a more agile system was felt and hence the website design had to undergo a revamp. It was in November 2014 when the Fusion’s migration to WordPress was completed.

What Hirazi Webtech is all about and what it delivers
Work done by Hirazi Webtech for Fusion using WordPress

How we grew together...

Hirazi Webtech started supporting Fusion during the steep growth phase, when it was evolving from a startup to a media giant. The critical elements of website development in Fusion were being managed by the team at Hirazi Webtech. The primary responsibility of the our team was to maintain Fusion’s existing website and also help them groom a team. We were the custodians of the shell scripts and thus were responsible for maintaining the coding standards and performance of the website.We were also constantly involved in doing proper documentation and help them build a structure. The team at  Hirazi Webtech also worked on facilitating the incorporation of new interactives on the Fusion site by creating WordPress plugins such as Shortcake and Fieldmanager Gallery. These interactives were used by the empanelled editors for creation of engaging content.

Technical Artistry!

Scope of our engagement with Fusion covered a wide range of support and WordPress development activities:

  • Customization of WordPress CMS to suit the editorial needs
    • Creating custom post types
    • Adding multiple custom taxonomies
    • Creating custom fields for each post type
  • Centralized video workflow around Ooyala
    • Setting up the test pages to test the player
    • Video Ad server integration
    • Management of APIs to customize the look and feel of the player and
    • Generate feeds by scripting in Liquid, used by Fusion’s Apple TV and Roku app
  • Roku App Development
    • Vendor Management
    • Creating XML feeds using Ooyala’s backlog system
    • Authentication page creation
  • Open Source Community Development: Fusion has always believed in giving back to the community and has launched various WordPress plugins over the period of time. Hirazi was involved with that team in creating ShortCake - UI for WordPress Shortcodes. We undertook the Front-End Javascript revamp using Browserify and Backbone JS (Read more about our work on the plugin).
  • Display Ads Server Integration
    • Create sponsored ads using Polar APIs
  • Front end development using tools like Grunt, Sass, Backbone JS, Browserify etc.
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