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Hirazi Webtech

How it all started?

‘Viva Voce’ travels! Our association with TheBolde is a testimony to the fact that good work travels faster and farther than any marketing pitch can. In the late 2014, an urgent requirement at TheBolde, gave us an opportunity to work together and show our worth by delivering a solution within time. Since then, we have never looked back. While Hirazi Webtech came on board as a part time help to manage the ongoing issues with the website, before we know, we were handling the website development process for TheBolde.

Though TheBolde was originally developed using Spike, a responsive WordPress theme, the most critical responsibility of ours was to customise WordPress backend as per the editorial needs of TheBolde.

What Hirazi Webtech is all about and what it delivers
Work done by Hirazi Webtech for TheBolde using WordPress

How we grew together...

Our experience of working with startups came in handy with TheBolde, which required setting up the fundamental processes. Improving user engagement on the website and streamlining the processes for TheBolde were our focus areas. We started using Github for creating, discussing and resolving issues of various projects. We initiated extensive code reviews to maintain the efficiency of the website.


"Organising and planning ahead of time makes work more enjoyable" - Anne Burrell


We believe that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. With streamlined approach of website development, we were able to cater to the changes required to enhance user engagement, results started showing in terms of increased page views, reduced bounce rate and thus more content consumption. We brought mobile as one of the key focus areas which included revamping of the mobile website to complement the web version.

Technical Artistry!

Working with TheBolde was a challenge! As it was our first client through word of mouth, the pressure was high. We wanted to excel in all the departments. Ands that’s exactly what happened:

  • Setting up build processes (for deployments), e-mails, staging environment for various projects.
  • Customisation of WordPress theme as per the requirement of TheBolde
    • Creating custom post types.
    • Reducing the number of WordPress plugins by manually coding the functionality and in turn improving the website performance.
  • Creating WordPress widgets.
    • Popular post sidebar widget
    • Ability to switch on/off the ads for whole site via WordPress dashboard widget
  • Ad Server integration
  • Building new UX & UI for enhanced user engagement
    • Creating signup modal
    • Sliding like box for Facebook like buttons
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