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Hirazi Webtech

Looking for a freelancer? a web development company?

There comes a time in almost every organization’s lifespan when they ask themselves “Should we build a team for this project or hire the specialized agency/freelancer/consultant to handle this for us?” While most of the companies will agree to this statement only few will give importance to “specialized”! Let’s face it – there are millions of web development companies out there. Even the law of averages doesn’t work sometimes. Most of the people rely on word of mouth, which is great! At least, you are able to trust them, to begin with, until you start working with them and realize “I should just go ahead and build my own team!”


Following are the two major points you should be keeping in mind before selecting the apt web development company:



1. Gist of a Web Development Company

Searching and selecting the right web development company is as tricky and difficult as finding the needle in a haystack. The keyword being “specialized”! It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company you select to work with should be the master in the domain, but they should be master in understanding the product. Even though, they are in service industry, they should be able to collaborate with you as if they are working in a product company!


A web development company should not call itself a service providing company rather they should be pioneer of working with multiple product companies. We all know that understanding and owning the product is an important aspect of achieving success. If you partner with the right web development company which has the feeling of ownership of the product, you know you are in right hands.


2. Remunerations

Annual budget are the reasons web development companies exist. It is one the of biggest reasons why organizations choose to outsource projects instead of building their own team. And, it doesn’t need any introduction – the web development companies you choose to work with, they should definitely be fitting in the given budget.


While the inclination is towards finding the “value for money” web development company which will fit under the allocated annual budget, the worth of the company is hard to evaluate from outside. They all have a good portfolio, they are all inexpensive and they all will say yes to each and every requirement.


One of my friend once taught me the art of bargaining. He said “always start with the price you think is right”. The problem is selecting a web development company is no bargaining. The art of negotiation says – always start with the average cost of livelihood of the country. I read it somewhere when I started freelancing/consulting and instantly had an inclination towards the theory. Think about it, if the average cost of livelihood in the country is $30/hr and you come across a freelancer who is charging as low as $8/hr, you know there are more thorns in this rose than petals.


The best asset for any company is its team. You know that you have selected a good web development company when it is working as a team. The above two points have usually helped me while selecting a partner, or, becoming a part of another team.

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